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The time you spend with your therapist is purely for and about you.  In this busy world, it is a time for reflection and self care.

My name is Devon McDonald and I am a fully qualified and accredited counsellor based in West Malling, Kent. 

Many people experience low mood, anxiety or depression at some point in their life.  If you feel that things are too much, you may feel overwhelmed or maybe you are not sure how to cope, it might be that it is the right time for you to try therapy.  The aim of counselling is to explore together the causes of these difficult emotions in a safe and ethical environment.  This offers you an opportunity to work towards healthier life choices, better relationships and higher self-esteem.  If we fall ill or hurt ourselves physically, we do not hesitate to use first aid or go to the doctor.  Yet somehow, when it comes to our mental health, we aren't always so quick to act.   I understand that the process of choosing a counsellor or even making the decision to come to counselling can be a hard one.  It is good to take your time to choose someone you feel comfortable with.  

Ultimately therapy offers you the experience of sharing with someone who is non-judgemental and empathic and who actively listens to what you have to say. The time you spend with your therapist is purely for and about you.  In this busy world, it is a time for reflection and self care.

To book a FREE initial 20 minute consultation, you can call me in confidence on 07960 084831.  If I cannot take your call, please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.  When doing so, please let me know if it is OK to leave a message for you.  Alternatively, you can contact me using the Contact Me page.  I can usually see you within a week.  There is no obligation to commit to therapy with me after this session, this session is to explore if we would like to work together.  


Counselling gives you an opportunity to share thoughts and feelings with someone who is trained to listen to both spoken and unspoken communications. Issues I have commonly worked with at Devon McDonald Counselling include, but are not limited to:

However, it is also ok to have counselling with no specific, defined, reason for coming. Many people feel that they would benefit from talking to someone who is impartial and often people who are experiencing mental/emotional pain do not necessarily understand where that pain originates from. This is even more relevant as a result of the unusual, difficult and ongoing experience of living through the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Read more about the counselling services I offer.

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