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Becoming a parent is a life changing and transformational experience. Whilst this transition can be straightforward for some, for others, there can be challenges. Maybe as a pregnant woman you don't like the changes happening in your body, maybe your labour didn't go as planned or was traumatic, maybe you are highly anxious due to previous miscarriages, maybe having a newborn wasn't what you had expected and maybe you are concerned that you have or that you will have post natal depression.

I have specialist training in the perinatal period and am passionate about perinatal mental health. There has always been the cultural concept of the ideal mother, made ore prominent by social media. This give high and often unrealistic expectations of the perinatal period. In addition to this, we have our individual expectations from our experiences from our own childhood which impact what we think we should and shouldn't be doing as a parent or in pregnancy.

In order to support parents to be and new parents through this transition, I am offering a slightly different format to the usual weekly counselling sessions.

Expectant Parents

If you would like support antenatal as well as postnatal, we can arrange to have 3 sessions antenatal and then another 6 sessions postnatal. These are booked as a block, but if there are any changes and you require more sessions, we can arrange that separately. For the postnatal sessions, if you have had a C-Section, we can arrange a home visit for the first session after the baby has arrived. 

Postnatal Support

Some parents find that once the baby has arrived that they are finding the changes to their life hard to manage. I offer 6 sessions as a block in this period to help talk through what is happening in this transition and how to manage the emotions that may be coming up. These sessions can be helpful if there was a difficult or traumatic labour experience as well. If you have experienced a traumatic birth experience, it may be best to discuss how many sessions would work best for you. 

Postnatal Groups

I am looking to organise postnatal group support in the near future. This will be to allow new parents to gather, have a cuppa, share experiences and feel part of a supportive community.  If you would be interested in this sort of group, please contact me to be added to the email list.

When you contact me or start therapy with me, I collect appropriate contact and background information. This information is kept in strict confidence and in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR is concerned with personal information that I collect, store, manage and share and I am required to provide you with clear information about how this is done when you are using this website. 

If we commence working together, I ask you to complete some forms which I keep in a specialist, secured client management system. When we complete our work, I keep your records for 5 years in line with my insurance requirements (5 years after your 18th birthday if you are a minor), after which time this information will be securely destroyed.

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The time you spend with your therapist is purely for and about you.  In this busy world, it is a time for reflection and self care.

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